Innovation Network Denmark

Innovation Network Denmark has 22 nationwide innovation networks and three strategic platforms. An innovation network is a forum where companies and knowledge institutions share experience and develop new ideas within a specialist or technologically delimited field. 

Each network has pools for innovation projects where companies and researchers work together to solve concrete challenges. The innovation networks also carry out idea generation processes and matchmaking activities, and they hold theme meetings and specialist events.

The companies contribute the time used. The innovation networks are open to all interested parties.  

In the beginning of 2010, the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation established Netmatch as a unifying platform and a support function for the innovation networks/clusters in Denmark. 
In 2012, DASTI and Netmatch published a catalogue presenting 40 methods for matchmaking, knowledge sharing and idea generation. The methods are invented and tested by the Danish Innovation Networks.
Network and clusters
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